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A Photo Every Day – A 366 Project

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The Blogs, They Are A-Changin

It’s drawing towards the end of the year, my lovely followers, and I have made a few decisions.

Firstly,  I will be continuing this project next year, at least until Scarlett’s second birthday.

Secondly, for ease of management, I have combined my photo a day project and my mummy blog into one blog.  Seeing as my mummy blog is about my life as a mum, I think nothing exemplified that better than my daily photos!  It just makes sense for it to all be together in one place.

I would love for you to continue to follow my journey over at:

I hope to see you there!


Cloth Bum


I really really wanted to use cloth nappies.  When I was pregnant, I just assumed I would.  But I have never quite been able to make them work for me.  I’ve gone through periods of almost full time use… but once she hit 12 months, she just wees too damn much!  That girl is a wee factory.  But every now and then I’ll pop one on her again.  Tonight she was wandering around in the evening light in her cloth bum before her bath and I just couldn’t resist snapping a second series of photos for the day.  I don’t usually do much black and white, but some of these images just seemed to call for it…


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Park in the City


Today we went into the city to meet some mums at a park.  Unfortunately, everyone cancelled at the last minute – so I just let bubba have a run around the park anyway.  The whole walking thing is still a bit of a novelty… I love being able to set her down and watch her waddle around🙂


She’s such a friendly thing too.  Whenever somebody walked past, she’d give them this funny cheesy little grin:


My funny little one🙂

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Today we went to mum’s group at an indoor playground.  We have often done it, but today was the first time Scarlett actually wanted to play in the play area and really enjoyed being there!  It’s pretty much the first time we’ve been since she’s been walking.  She loved this carousel (despite the expression on her face!) and wanted to sit on it for ages, going around and around.  I’m really loving this age and watching her do things and enjoy things more!

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Bathroom Cupboard


Scarlett used to be really good at not going into the bathroom cupboard.  I could always have a shower and know that she just wouldn’t try to get in there.  Until today.  When she discovered that she could open it… and that it’s full of fascinating stuff!  Time for me to buy some child locks I think!!

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Over the weekend, Dad (*ahem*finally) set up our bookshelf – yay!  Of course, Scarlett had to investigate this morning before daycare.