These Little Wonders

A Photo Every Day – A 366 Project

Wakey Wakey!


It was a dark, rainy morning this morning, and my bubba had a biiiiig sleep in – she was still asleep when it was time to go to daycare!  I left her for an extra 10 minutes so she could wake up on her own – I hate waking her!  Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I heard little chatting noises coming from her bedroom.  I love her funny sleepy face when she’s just woken up 😛

The other two photos below are of the amazing sunset I came across when walking home from work tonight.  I dashed inside and got my camera to snap a few pictures – no more than 5 minutes later, the sky was a boring grey and you would never have known how amazing it looked for a brief window of time.


4 thoughts on “Wakey Wakey!

  1. stunning sunset but nothing compares to those adorable sleepy eyes! soooo cute!

  2. That is a pretty cute little sleepy face she has! Beautiful sunset too, it is a pity they don’t last longer, but maybe if they did we wouldn’t appreciate them so much. Lovely photos.

  3. Love her little sleepy face!

  4. Gorgeous sunset shots!!! Good on you for snapping it before it was gone…same goes for adorable sleepy baby faces…that will be treasured when she is all grown and giving you teenage grumpy morning faces instead!

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