These Little Wonders

A Photo Every Day – A 366 Project

Pointing Finger


I love bubba’s funny little pointing finger.  Pretty much anything and everything gets the pointing treatment – usually with a little yell or high pitched questioning noise.

Outside the window behind this couch is a tall plant.  Yeah, ok – to be honest, it’s actually a really big weed (I ain’t no gardener:-P).  You can just see it from her highchair.  The last couple of days, we’ve had to interrupt breakfast so that bubba could come over to the couch and give that weed a good yelling at and pointing to.  Crazy monkey!


2 thoughts on “Pointing Finger

  1. Yes this pointing is so cute… my girl is doing this as well! And with these sounds “dada” is this even cuter!

  2. Cute! Already questing for information and discovery. Her little fingers are really lovely 🙂

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