These Little Wonders

A Photo Every Day – A 366 Project

See Food


Bubba getting stuck into her peanut butter toast this morning before daycare.

Have I mentioned that she’s awesome? 😛



6 thoughts on “See Food

  1. Had to click on this one when I saw it in my FB feed. Could she be any cuter?! That face is way too stinkin’ cute!

  2. Hehehehe!! I can hear the giggles and noise, and imagine the squishing of her toast between the fingers! Ah, my bubba will be doing all this soon enough. (Already experienced this stage with 2 girls already, wondering how different it will be with my son!)

  3. BAHAHHAH! She is such a little character in this two-dimensional project! I can’t wait to meet the real, 3D missy!

  4. What a gorgeous girl! Looks like she is a true character too 😉 I love those scrunched up faces babies make – so cute!
    P.S. And hey have a wonderful second anniversary!

  5. OMG those faces! Awesome photos – Why wont Miss A play this game?? 😦

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