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A Bit Cheeky


See what I did there?? 😛

I just can’t pick today so I’m going to make this a multi-photo post.  Because I also love these two of bubba playing with the little car I bought her.  She gets very excited and yells “Car!” everytime she sees a car, so I felt she needed her own 🙂

And I also love this one… just because…

And if you check out the gallery, there’s a bit of cat stalking thrown in for good measure 😛


6 thoughts on “A Bit Cheeky

  1. She must keep you on your toes!! I too got all the ‘boy toys’ for my girls when they were little…for some reason my girls didn’t like playing with dolls, just animals. I bought them a massive dollhouse to play with, and their animals just migrated to their new home!

  2. Wow, I love all of these so much.
    Favourite has to be the second car one. I love that expression on her little mouth and the grip on the car.
    Awesome work 🙂

  3. She is so very cheeky 😉 I love all of these and see why you had a hard time choosing. Your girl is so full of life and so colorful, just beautiful…

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