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My Bath Baby {on film}



I’m a bit addicted to taking photos of my baby in the bath.

It’s not just me either, so I don’t feel too weird.  A lot of mumtographers love a good bath shot.  I think there are a couple of reasons.

Firstly, bath time is one of those sweet suspended moments that you know in your heart is so fleeting.  In ten years time, you think to yourself (maybe subconsciously), I won’t be sitting here watching her play with her rubber duckie and laugh about bubbles.  I won’t be needed or wanted here in this moment then.  There is a total innocence about bath time with a toddler – a joy and fun quiet freshness.  They still need you there beside them.

I think it is maybe also because, sitting there all wet and nakies, it reminds you a little bit of when they flooped on out of you, all squelchy and brand new.  Sorry, was that a bit graphic?  Well, it’s true.  They’re still your baby, sweet and innocent.

I think I will cherish these images long after she grows out of sharing her bath time with me.  These little treasured moments.

Images captured on film.  Almost all on Kodak Ultramax 400 on my Canon AE-1 P, except for the last three which are on Lomography 400 on my Canon Elan IIe.








RAINSFORD205094 (2 of 36)

RAINSFORD205094 (3 of 36)

RAINSFORD205094 (4 of 36)


This post was created as part of a film photography blog circle with some of the lovely ladies I have connected with via the film mama website and Facebook community.  Up next in the circle is the lovely and talented Lisa of Lisa Anderson Photography.  Please click through to her post by clicking here to continue to follow the circle and soak in the analogue goodness.  If you continue to follow the links in each post, you will come full circle back to my post – please feel free to leave some comment love along the way if anything moves you… enjoy!


11 thoughts on “My Bath Baby {on film}

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  2. Adorable – sweet and clean!

  3. I love all of these Emily, so precious, and you’re right, “bath times” are so fleeting. I especially love the first shot and the last two!

  4. Beautiful! And I agree, I love the images I’ve taken of my 3 in the bath.

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  6. can’t help but smile at the sweetness of these photos! ♥

  7. Beautiful! Bath images are my favorite and bath images on film are just even that much more special.

  8. Ohh I love these! I love the clean whites, and the watery, toy filled bathroom floor. Adorable photos!

  9. Wow! Fantastic shots! The 8th one down is my absolute favorite. My mess in the floor and the look on her face are priceless. I love taking bath shots too, but mostly because it keeps Silas in a confined space…otherwise he’s all over the place, lol.

    • haha so true Faith, I think that’s why I have so many photos of her sleeping also – the only time she’s still 😛

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