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A Bush Picnic {on film}



I’ve been wanting to try out Fuji Pro 400H film stock for a while now, so when it came in the post, it seemed like the perfect excuse to go exploring with my little monkey and take a picnic to the bush.

She loved the idea so we packed up a little picnic and off we went to see what we could find.







It was a little overcast (as per usual in Palmerston North) but that didn’t stop us from having a good run around and exploring Anzac Park, a new spot for us in our new town.













Unfortunately the skies opened and we had to dash back to the car in torrential rain.  It rained on our picnic but we decided we wouldn’t let it rain on our parade – so we finished off our picnic in the lounge room, safe, dry and warm 🙂

eFuji400HMay2014AA023(She was sick of my camera in her face ha!)

These images were all shot on Fuji 400H film on my Canon Elan IIe and self-scanned on my Pakon scanner as part of the May Film Mama blog circle.  This month I am participating in a circle dedicated entirely to the film stock Fuji 400H.  Please click through to Tricia Burrough’s take on 400H by clicking here to follow the circle and see lots more gorgeous 400H goodness.  If you follow the links in each blog post, you will complete the circle and end up back here at my blog.  Please do leave some love along the way and enjoy the analogue journey!


13 thoughts on “A Bush Picnic {on film}

  1. Emily, these are so lovely. I keep going over them and taking them in. I took a walk in a park in my area and the photos did not turn out, so I am trying to learn by going over these 🙂
    the light on the pine cone photos is gorgeous! the little blue wellies are so perfect! ♥

    • Thanks so much Lea, that means a lot – I keep going over them too but with a rather more critical eye 😛 In what way did yours not turn out? This was a very overcast day and I rated around 100-160. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t overexposed quite so much for the landscape shots of the river. I was so surprised by the pine cone photos – we were under some pine trees but I was surprised the light turned out so beautiful and warm!

      • ha I Just had bad composition and missed focus quite a few times on the ones that could have been good 🙂 manual focus is so hard sometimes 🙂

  2. I couldn’t help but notice the puddle jumping and Peppa Pig! haha Cute! My favorite is the handholding shot, I know how difficult it can be to get that. I also keep returning to the image with the golden grasses by the water. Lovely tones!

    • Haha Maggie, that’s so funny about Peppa Pig, can’t believe I didn’t make that connection before now! I almost didn’t include the handholding one because it is blurry and out of focus but I loved it anyway and it felt like part of the story 🙂

  3. so pretty!!! looks like such a fun hike 🙂

  4. I love days like that! taking kids out exploring and having a picnic. I love the photos you captured as well. And the look of disappointment on her face in the last photo says it all. She didn’t want it to end, either. Beautiful photos!

  5. I love these! What gorgeous captures – such an adorable little girl. Great job!

  6. Love them! Fuji 400H is my favorite film. Looks like a great afternoon. 🙂

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