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Motel Living (Part One – Black and White)



After our couple of weeks in Wellington after moving from Australia to New Zealand, it was time for Daddy C to start his new job in Palmerston North, so we did the two hour drive north and bunked down in a motel room together for the next few weeks.  There are certainly challenges to having two adults and a two year old living together in a motel room for weeks, especially when said two year old is still adjusting to the time zone change, not to mention in the transition phase of slowly dropping her day naps (but not quite…).  However, we were lucky in many ways.  Our motel room came with a little kitchenette and a separate bedroom for Scarlett, which was great.  The back door opened out onto a large grassy, tree-filled park complete with little stream, which Scarlett and I spent many hours “sploring”.  As well as having a trampoline and swing just outside the door.  So we managed to fill our days without driving each other too crazy! 😛

These images were taken on Kodak Tri-X 400 film on my Canon Elan IIe camera and scanned on my Pakon.  I am sharing them as part of the film mama blog circle.  I would love for you to check out Seattle child and family photographer Kim Hildebrand’s lovely film images by clicking here and then you can follow the circle all the way around back to me.  I hope you enjoy this little taste of true black and white film!










9 thoughts on “Motel Living (Part One – Black and White)

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  2. I love the unmistakable contrast and deep blacks from Tri-x film. Those first few frames of her sleeping in the motel bed are priceless and I hope one of them is getting printed BIG.

    • Thanks Dena, those sleeping ones are actually my favourite film photos to date – you’re right, I do need to get them on to paper!

  3. beautiful photos, you rocked that B&W!

  4. Emily, I love your tri-x photos!! The contrast is amazing and gorgeous, as are your kids!! I love the sleeping and trampoline photos!

  5. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment, but I love these!!! Those eyes, so expressive…beautiful.

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