These Little Wonders

A Photo Every Day – A 366 Project

About The Project

A 366 project in most years is called a 365 project – an undertaking to take one photograph every single day for an entire year. In 2012, that special extra February day makes it a 366 project.

It’s a project about capturing what delights you in life, about reminding yourself that every day is special, and that there is magic in the smallest moments.

My project this year is to take a photo a day of my baby girl, to document who she is and how she changes and grows.

At some point I am also going to back date as many posts as I can to take this blog back to Scarlett’s birth.  For me and for her, to see how she has grown and changed.

I am not a “photographer”, I don’t have a big fancy camera, my photos won’t always be perfect. But they will be special to me, and I hope that I will be able to capture life through my eyes in such a way as to make them interesting to you.


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