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A City Adventure With Twiggy


The Perth central city has always been NEAR the Swan River but the main shopping precinct is a few blocks up from it.  That meant there was this beautiful river with… well… kinda nothing there.  So they built a brand new Quay which was opened to the public a few months ago.  Perth being a very suburban place, the average person who doesn’t work in the city, doesn’t have much need to go there often, so I still hadn’t seen the new Elizabeth Quay.  After a school holidays filled with sickness and being cooped up inside, I decided we were due an adventure and we planned a trip on the ferry from South Perth over to the new spot to explore.  And of course, we had to give our holiday visitor, the school turtle Twiggy, a good adventure before he went back to school and to visit a new child.

I could have just driven to the city but where’s the fun in that?!  When Scarlett first brought Twiggy home, she said she wanted to take him on a boat, and the ferry seemed the perfect plan.


Off we set toward the ferry terminal – Scarlett looking a little unsure!


We had just missed a ferry so we had a little play at the playground while we waited for the next one.




Swing with a view!  Soon enough, it was time to head over the ferry.




And we’re aboard!






A short but exciting ferry ride and we arrive at Elizabeth Quay ready to explore.




First on the agenda – ice cream!  Luckily the ice cream shop was opening up just as we arrived on the doorstep.





After a delicious ice cream in the sun, we decided to head over the curvy bridge to explore.



Scarlett decided she wanted to check out the Bell Tower (the tall pointy building).



Up we go in the elevator (that I had trouble looking out the window of!) to the top viewing deck of the Bell Tower!


Next down to see the bells ringing.


And the bell ringers doing the ringing!




And out (through the gift shop of course!) to let Isla stretch her legs at the playground.





After meeting friends for a yummy lunch, it was time to hop back on the ferry, gift shop purchase clutched in hand.



Once across, we decided to squeeze the last ounces out of the day with one last play at the playground.


Scarlett told me on the ferry home “I wish this day could start all over again.”  I think that means our adventure was a success 🙂



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Post Nap Snack

Put Isla down for a nap and forgot I’d left some toilet rolls on the bed.  Heard a rustling on the baby monitor and figured Isla had woken from her nap – went in to get her and found she’d helped herself to a little snack lol!  Couldn’t stop laughing!  (And don’t worry, I didn’t let her swallow any – she was just having such fun I had to get a couple of pictures!)











Scarlett’s First Day of School

Well, es ist soweit – the little surprise bean that prompted the start of this blog started school!

In Western Australia, “kindy” starts when you’re 3 if your birthday is before June or 4 if your birthday is after June.  Or something like that.  I dunno, it’s bloody confusing, all I know is, Scarlett has an August birthday which meant she started kindy this year, not last.  Kindy is usually part time and can be done at a primary school or community kindergarten.  Scarlett is going to her local primary school where she’ll likely be continuing her schooling, and is doing five full days a fortnight.

We spent lots of time talking about how exciting it was to start school and we even got to meet her teacher in her classroom, so when the day came she was mostly excited with a little bit of nervousness thrown in.  I knew that she was so beyond ready for this though and sure enough she kissed me goodbye happily and had a great day :-).  She has been settling in wonderfully and the teacher has told me she is “an old soul” and “unique” (in a good way :-P).

Naturally I took a few photos to document the occasion 🙂  Aussie primary school kids usually wear school uniforms.  I think it’s freaking adorable!

Morning snuggle in the big bed before the first day of school!

Morning snuggle in the big bed before the first day of school!



She had to go and check herself out

She had to go and check herself out




Time to go!





Back home and time for some boobie snuggles with little sister

Back home and time for some boobie snuggles with little sister


Coffee, chocolate, Harry Potter and SILENCE!  Am I supposed to be enjoying this quite so much...??

Coffee, chocolate, Harry Potter and SILENCE! Am I supposed to be enjoying this quite so much…??

Then I figured out how to use my phone as a camera remote...

Then I figured out how to use my phone as a camera remote…

And got some self portraits of me and my littlest munchkin

And got some self portraits of me and my littlest munchkin





Babe finally went down for her nap... 10 minutes before we had to leave for pick up :-(

Babe finally went down for her nap… 10 minutes before we had to leave for pick up 😦


Time to go, my poor sleepy one

Home time!

Home time!


Time to kick off her shoes...

Time to kick off her shoes…

Say hello to sister...

Say hello to sister…


and enjoy an after school treat.

and enjoy an after school treat.



Rocked it!


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Scarlett Coffee


Scarlett went through a phase of really loving going to a café with me and getting a “Scarlett coffee” (a little cup of frothed milk, actually called a Fluffy or a Babycino).  She never actually drank the milk and she doesn’t like marshmallows, but she would play with the chocolate on top and just feel cool cos she had a coffee just like mum.

These photos were taken when we were stay in Wellington in March and the whole Scarlett coffee thing was still an exciting novelty.

She has lost interest in Scarlett coffees now.  Maybe she realised she doesn’t actually like to drink them.  I really miss our little café coffee visits.

(Images taken on Kodak Portra 800 film on my Canon Elan IIe and scanned on my Pakon).




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I call this image “Perfection can kiss my ass” ;-P

This week on the My Four Hens Photography 52 Project I am taking part in, the theme for the week was “imperfection”.  It seems to struck a chord with a lot of the project participants.

I see so many women, not just in this project, but every day saying “I’m not perfect but I try. I’m not the perfect mother but I do my best.” Well guess what ladies – none of us are perfect because perfect doesn’t exist. Not for human beings anyway. Imperfection is what we ARE, all of us. None of us are the perfect parents, the perfect partners, the perfect people. You know that Pinterest mum who always seems to be doing amazing craft projects and packing organic school lunches? You can bet your bottom dollar she ain’t perfect either.

I struggled the majority of my teens and 20s with body image and (not) eating issues. While I have largely overcome those to a practical extent, I still look at my body and see saggy post-baby boobs, a straight-up-and-down ruler physique, unruly untameable hair, a face I don’t like – not pretty, red ruddy skin, slowly accruing the signs of age.

Since the birth of my daughter two and a bit years ago, I have struggled with motherhood. As someone in love with quiet and solitude, I struggle with the chaos, the energy required, the constantness of being NEEDED so damn much and often. So many many times I go to bed, the house in a mess, the day in a mess, feeling I am so much less than she deserves me to be.

But in the midst of all this imperfection, I began to pick up a camera. And photography grew to be to me so much more to me than a record of memories. Photography made me not just see the imperfection, not just accept it – but to embrace it, to love it, to realise that imperfection is what makes life REAL and it is far more beautiful than any fake idea of perfection that doesn’t even exist anyway.

This theme this week was both easy and hard for me. It was easy because the way I shoot has trained me to see the imperfection everywhere. But it was hard because the more you see it, the more you learn to love it, the more you realise that nothing is really imperfect, that everything has it’s own perfection. Or perhaps rather, that everything is imperfect and that is the most perfect, beautiful thing of all. The words become meaningless – perfect, imperfect – it all just IS and shines in its own way.

So this image is me. Me in the middle of my ordinary, messy lounge – my ordinary, messy life. This is me owning my imperfection. This is me kicking perfection’s ass and handing it to it on a platter. This is me but it could be you, it could be any of us. Let’s release perfection’s hold on us – as parents, as people, as photographers – and dive head first in to radical love of self and life in all their imperfect glory.

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A Changing Perspective

If I didn’t have a child, I wouldn’t be sitting here in a park at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning.

Is the thought that hit me.


At almost any other time over the past almost 2 1/2 years, this would not have been a positive thought.  This would have been a wistful thought, a longing… a daydream of easier days, of wine nights and sleep in mornings, of the simple hedonistic pleasure of a self-directed life.

But this morning… after a missed nap yesterday led to an early night last night, which in turn led to a 4:30 am wake up today… which in turn led to an early morning park visit to wear a certain toddler out and beat the rising heat…

…. this morning it was different.

I was sitting on the swing next to her, both of us swinging away quietly in the morning sun…


… and maybe it was the soft cool-warmth of the air or way the light was hitting her hair or the silence of the park broken only by birdsong…

… but the thought hit me:

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be sitting here in this soft early morning sunlight having a swing at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning with a little companion beside me.

And in that instant, I knew – and felt – that it wasn’t a negative thought.

Maybe… just maybe… it was a very content and blessed one.  A lucky one.  A grateful one.

Maybe – finally – a happy one.


We speak a lot as parents about children having “milestones” which they encounter and achieve along their journey of growth towards adulthood.

Maybe mothers have milestones too.  Milestones in the inner journey of growing into motherhood.


Scarlett, my physically wary little girl, went down the slide all by herself for the first time today.

Maybe today was a milestone day.